• Solo Exhibitions:

    I'm Already Dead In Dog Years, CES Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

    Easton Miller: Strata, Isolation Room/Gallery Kit, St. Louis, MO

    Selected Group & Two Person Exhibitions:

    You Make Plans, and God Laughs, Pariah Gallery, Dallas, TX
    Laguna Art Museum

    Gray Grey, Vacancy, Los Angeles, CA
    Complex Decisions, CES Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
    Ducks, Minotaur Projects, Los Angeles, CA
    hArts for Art, LVL3 Gallery, Chicago, IL
    18th Street Presents, Bergamot Station, Los Angeles, CA

    Ducks, Green Point Terminal Gallery, New York, NY
    Chromatic Consortium, The Franklin, Chicago, IL
    #Figure & Ground, SUGGS Gallery, Chicago, IL

    Always This One Time, Basic Space, Los Angeles, CA
    New Americana, Bird Boutique, Brooklyn, NY
    Independence Day, Gildar Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
    Dirty New Rococo, Homeland Security Gallery in collaboration w/ Lindsey & Patrick Collins, Dallas, TX
    Wingdings, LVL3 Gallery, Chicago, IL

    AUTOREDACT, Loft 594 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
    New Americana, New Capital Gallery, Chicago, IL
    Where My Cones At?, POV Evolving Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
    Where My Cones At?, DoubleBreak Gallery, San Diego, CA

    Color US, Ninapi Gallery, Ravenna, Italy
    Fountain Art Fair, Hungry Man gallery (San Francisco), Los Angeles, CA
    Vie de Boheme, Three Walls Gallery, Chicago, IL
    Roots and Culture: Benefit Auction, Roots & Culture Gallery, Chicago, IL
    MDW Fair, Pentagon Gallery, Chicago, IL
    hArts for Art, LVL3 Gallery, Chicago, IL

    TRI STATE SHOW, Jolie Laide Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
    More Betterer, Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL
    Mugs, LVL3 Gallery @ Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL
    Andrews Miller Holmquist, Jolie Laide Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
    Tough Guy, Sub Basement Gallery, Baltimore, MD
    High Class Problems (for the lower middle class), MaDa Shell Gallery, Ashland, OR
    NEXT Fair, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL
    False Anatomies, LVL3 Gallery, Chicago, IL
    FEVERDREAM, Roots & Culture Gallery, Chicago, IL

    Group Therapy, The Great Poor Farm Experiment, Waupaca County, WI
    I’ll Be Here All Week, 1213 Sharp, Chicago, IL
    NEXT Fair, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL

    Ich Weiss Du Kommst Aus Mitte, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
    Glory Oriented – BFA Exhibition, Gallery 2: SAIC, Chicago, IL

    There Is a Cause For Celebration, SUGs (Student Union Gallery), Chicago, IL
    We Draw, Planes Projects, Chicago, IL

    The Broadside Collection: Ander Monson/Easton Miller, The Poetry Center of Chicago, Chicago, IL

    Stutz: Walk Through, Stutz Factory, Indianapolis, IN
    Shimmer, LAMP Fine Art Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

    SAIC: Art Bash, GALLERY 2, Chicago, Illinois
    Thesis 3: Senior Exhibition, Interlochen Arts Academy, Interlochen, Michigan