You'd Better Surprise MeYou're Not Ugly Because of Your Insides, but Those TooThrowin' Shade On a ShadowThe Perfect StormWe've Got a Really Close DistanceDefinitely Not SureLions Don't Quit Being LionsDrink the Kool-Aid, and Serve It TooIt's Beyond Me (Out of Reach)Sophisticated EnoughSo RuggedIt's So MuchLess Than Not EnoughPathologically ThoughtfulWithout You There is No UsOrderly DisorderKeep On Keepin' OnSo HazyAfter LaterBarely Holding It TogetherIt's a Game Worth Playing, and I'm In It 'Til the EndRemember to ForgetYou're Attempt at Self Peaks and ValleysDon't Threaten Me With a Good TimeAu NaturaleAnywhere but HereReaching an AgreementAbstraction Comes From LanguageRight Before BedLooks FamiliarA Little Bit Off, but CharmingFine TunedTwo Sides to a StoryPatiently WaitingYou're Blowing My MindThe InterwebsCaught UpIf You Repeat It, That Makes It TrueHere, There, and EverywhereMid-Best 10 PieceThat's Not a Hill I'm Willing to Die OnJust Handle ItWarning SignsSuch a DivaCloaked OutI Just Want to Feel SafeI'm Touched (Really Feelin' It)Everyone Knows Everyone (the World Has Gotten Crazy Small)TrappedTunnel VisionAll of the Graphic ArtsThat Girl is PoisonGoody Busy Though"You Know What They Say About Assuming"Yesterday I Knew There'd Be TomorrowFair GroundIt's Really Coming DownHands On ExperienceSeasons of LifeBound and DeterminedSavage ShitA Drop In the BucketThere's History Between UsAir It OutOld GrowthThis Love is Foreign to MeA Man of LeisureSore SpotShe's Unlike Anyone ElseShe's Different ThoughShe's Got A Lot Going OnShe's So ComplexEverything In Moderation, Including ModerationBent Out Of ShapeBent Out Of Shape (detail)Come To Grips With ItCome To Grips With It (detail)I'm Really Into ItI'm Really Into It (detail)The After PartyThe After Party (detail)"Here's Everything Else You Need to Know About Me""Here's Everything Else You Need to Know About Me" (detail)Mind's Eye"Mind's Eye" (detail)"I Can't Make Heads or Tails of It""I Can't Make Heads or Tails of It" (detail)"I Can't Make Heads or Tails of It" (detail)"How Bad Can It Be?!""How Bad Can It Be?!" (detail)"Don't Betray The Moment""Don't Betray The Moment" (detail)"Loading Up On Bells & Whistles""Loading Up On Bells & Whistles" (detail"She's Really Mature" & "She's Really Wild""She's Really Wild""She's Really Wild" (side view)"She's Really Mature""She's Really Mature" (detail)"Deal of a Lifetime (Stack em Deep Sell em Cheap)""Hard to Digest""Hard to Digest" (side view)"Hard to Digest" (detail)"It's Complicated""It's Complicated" (side view)"It's Complicated" (detail)"Nostalgia Was Better in the Old Days""Nostalgia Was Better in the Old Days" (side view)"A Reason, A Season,or A Lifetime""A Reason, A Season,or A Lifetime" (side view)"A Reason, A Season,or A Lifetime" (detail)"After This Drink...We Should Have a Drink Sometime!""After This Drink...We Should Have a Drink Sometime!" (detail)"So Childish""Fool Me Once...""Fool Me Once..." (side view)Yeah, I Did Everything ThoughSit Down and Shut UpBlissRipped (side view)RippedTransition (view #1)Transition (view #2)RawThe Apocalypse Was Kind Of a Let DownThe Apocalypse Was Kind Of a Let Down (detail)We're Saying The Same Thing In Different WaysWe're Saying The Same Thing In Different Ways (detail)It Was All Very Important (detail)It Was All Very ImportantThat Shit Was Crazy (detail)That Shit Was CrazyLivin' In L.A. Is Sorta Like Endless SummerLivin' In L.A. Is Sorta Like Endless Summer (detail)Just Do It. Ok Done...Maybe I Did It Wrong?Just Do It. Ok Done...Maybe I Did It Wrong? (detail)When It Rains It PoursWhen It Rains It Pours (side view)Everyone Except For AnyoneEveryone Except For Anyone (detail)Selective ReasoningAnywhere But HereEverything's a Fucking Joke With YouEverything's a Fucking Joke With You (side view)I'm SorryI'm Sorry (side view)Remember to ForgetRemember to Forget (side view)Less Is MorrisLess Is Morris (side view)Establishing BoundariesOne Step CloserI'm Not PsychicI'm Not Psychic (side view)Endless SummerA Place BetweenEnough is EnoughCollection: 1Modern WomanIdiot SummerUntitled (He Says She Says)Untitled (He Says She Says) - detailEnough of NothingEnough of Nothing (detail)Enough of Nothing (detail)Selective Reasoning (detail)An Addition of Zeroes to Something UnimportantAn Addition of Zeroes to Something Unimportant (detail)Less is MoreLess is More (detail)Form Ever Follows FunctionWaldenSummerThe FarmDrop OutFlawedSimpaticoSimpatico (detail)Passive Aggressive

Passive Aggressive (detail)All-AmericanGettin' LuckyAuthenticAuthentic - detailStandoffishGloryCover LetterHot MessPunk As FuckLate Night ConversationsAlmostTorn Up (Weekend Warrior)Been Der Done DatWriter's BlockConstructsWhen Things Seem Insurmountable"When Things Seem Insurmountable" - detail

Blending InStrata UntitledRemember the FutureSeascapeThe Other SideThe Utility of ReasonBlue Ribbon (State Fair)Blue Ribbon (State Fair) - detailHome For The HolidazeUntitledYeah, OKAlso, Other StuffWarning SignsDecisionsDecisions (detail)LuxuryThe Hierarchy of NeedsThe Hierarchy of Needs (Detail)The Hierarchy of Needs (Back View)The Mind as BrainArgument From Reason (Attacking Inept Constructions)Everything I Am is Everything I'm NotEverything I'm Not is Everything I AmIn a Manner of SpeakingAs a Matter of FactThe Universal RealmThe Universal Realm (Detail)
Link to images of my solo exhibition at Carl E. Smith Gallery provided below:

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"We exist in a culture of non-sequitur status updates and photo streams as a mode of defining our lives, and I take no issue with where we've found ourselves. If I were to maintain a practice that follows a linear thread it would seem incongruous to how we currently absorb information. As a result, my work can seem disparate to some, but that is who we are now. This is a world of double screening maniacs that can't sit through a movie without checking our phones, and feel compelled to broadcast sentiments publicly that have varying degrees of importance to anyone but ourselves. If someone still needs to view an artist's practice under a unilateral light – it would seem to be off base with how we all exist and process information.

Essentially, I make portraits of circumstance. All of the work from the last few years follows the same ideological method, but varies greatly in the aesthetic execution. I carry a small notebook with me everywhere that I go. Whenever I hear something interesting, hilarious, upsetting, etc. - I write the quote down in the aforementioned book. I then use various materials to create a visual representation of these phrases/quotes. There are also aesthetic and material nods to artists and designers that I feel embody the sentiments I've chosen to portray. I see the works as 'portraits of circumstance' - both the situational honesty from where I've drawn the original content, and the shifted meaning once these phrases are placed in a fine art context."

- Easton

"Miller's practice is heavily invested in the intersection between the individual and the communal. A range of found and chosen materials are used to make work that cross-pollinates between sculpture and painting with humor and intelligence. Relying on blocks of visual information the works celebrate the battle between candor and an observed restraint. This combination can be heavily symbolic but also delicately paired with a more acute sensibility to paint and its role in the work. Familiar materials serve as a structure to establish a relatable conversation between the artist and the world he tries to acknowledge in a meaningful way. This continual exploration into the hybrid of mediums allows for an active and at times odd blend of object and illusion." - M.G.